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13th Topjudotournament Haarlemmermeer 2023

In 2023 Judo Yushi hosts the 13th edition of the Topjudotournament Haarlemmermeer.  At seven mats judoplayers in the agegroups u12, u15, u18 and +18  fight for the Topjudotournament medals. The tournament is broadcasted worldwide with a livestream. The premium sponsors of the Topjudotournament are  Nieuw Judopak en Lion Judogi.


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Sunday September 17th, 2023



Sportsvenue De Estafette
Address: Helsinkilaan 1 in Nieuw-Vennep
Phonenumber: +31 252 432 666



Agegroups and weightcategories

Pupillen tot 12 jaar, geboren in 2012 en 2013

  • weightcategories boys: -27 -30 -34 -38 -42 -46 -50 +50 (maximum 55) kg
  • weightcategories girls: -25 -28 -32 -36 -40 -44 -48 +48 (maximum 53) kg
Youth u15, born in 2009, 2010 en 2011
  • weightcategories boys: -34 -38 -42 -46 -50 -55 -60 -66 +66 (maximum 73) kg
  • weightcategories girls: -32 -36 -40 -44 -48 -52 -57 -63 +63 (maximum 70) kg
Cadets u18, born in 2006, 2007 en 2008
  • weightcategories boys: -46 -50 -55 -60 -66 -73 -81 -90 kg, +90 (maximum 99 kg)
  • weightcategories girls: -44 -48 -52 -57 -63 -70  +70 (maximum 78 kg)
Topcategory +18, born in 2005 and before
  • weightcategories men: -55 -60 -66 -73 -81 -90 +90 kg
  • weightcategories women: -48 -52 -57 -63 -70 +70 kg

Competition schedule

Draw with double elimination competition in all categories of six players or more. Double elimination has an elimination round and a repechage. This means all players are guaranteed to fight twice or more.
Round Robin in all categories of five or four players.  Weightcategories of three players or less will be cancelled or merged with another categorie if possible.

Weigh-in rules

All participants have to be present at the weigh-in time as stated on the program and accreditation. At the weigh-in the accreditation and proper judodocuments have to be shown, like the membership card/ judopasport of the federation where a judoplayer is affiliated. At the official weigh-in on the tournament day the maximum tolerance of a weight category is 300 grams.


Registration and participation fee

All judoplayers with a membership of a judofederation officially recognized by the International Judo Federation are welcome to participate. The Topjudotournament Haarlemmermeer is approved by the Dutch Judo Federation (Judo Bond Nederland).

The maximum number of participants will be approximately 550 judoplayers. We will register extra reserve players and at them to the participation list if it is possible within the program. Results of national championships or European Cups will be taken into account in case of oversubscription.

Dutch players register at the official tournament website of the Dutch Judo Federation.

International players register at our website at: registration form Topjudotournament Haarlemmermeer 2023 and pay with credit card.



The number of coaches allowed is limited based on the number of judoplayers. For every 8 players we issue a coach accreditation. 


The entrance fee will be 5 euro per person. Tickets can be bought at the entrance by debit card digital payment (Pin). The venue is open from 7:30 hrs.

Program and time schedule

The program will be send by email to the manager of the club at least 14 days before the official tournament date.

Weight change policy

See tab/button ‘weight change’
Liability and privacy statement
Participation is at your own risk. Judo Yushi or its volunteers aren’t responsible in any way for injuries or lost properties, before, during or after the tournament. 
By Registering you automatically give Judo Yushi permission to post content, photo and film at official media of Judo Yushi (see also privacy statement point 4).

More information

Questions about the tournament can be asked at the organisation by email at


International players register at our website at: registration form Topjudotournament Haarlemmermeer and pay with credit card.

The final registration date is August 15th 2023.
The registration fee is 15 euro per participant.

To make it possible for as many players as possible to participate we will not allow weight changes on the tournament date, except if the category and the program allow us to do so. Make sure you manage your weight properly and report a weight change not later than three days before the tournament date. This means weight changes will be allowed if registered before Thursday evening before the tournament date at midnight.
Weight change requests have to be send by mail at
From 10 days before the tournament date a weight change request can only be made with an additional payment of 5 euro to be paid by the club.


Click on the link below for the pdf with the weigh in table.

In the weigh in table we have listed all weigh-in times. Each code is built up from the agecategory (u12/u15/u18/18+), men (m) or women (v) and the weightcategory.  Important notice: The judoplayers in the combined category u21 and seniors is named 18plus.

We created an extra weigh-in moment on saturday from 14.00 hrs to 15.00 hrs in the sportsvenue.

Click here for the weigh in table 



We will livestream parts of the tournament at Judo Yushi TV. Watch our livestreams at:

Subcribe on youtube at Judo Yushi TV and hit the bell to get an automatic reminder of the start of the tournament.  Click here 

Buy your ticket for the stand at the entrance of the tournament. An entrance ticket is 5 euro per person. It is only possible to buy an entrance ticket by digital payment (Pin transaction).



The results will be published in a pdf at this page


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